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Poalim Hi-Tech offers Israel’s High-Tech sector a nationwide array of specialized bankers, financial services tailored to meet their unique needs, and a powerful network, connecting Israel’s high-tech ecosystem. We are here to help Israel’s High-Tech sector grow and thrive.

- Specialized Bankers: Highly specialized, single point-of-contact for all your banking needs. We get to know your business so that you can grow with us

- Customized Financial Services: Financial services tailored to meet the unique needs of the High-Tech sector, from dedicated financing products through a direct link to a leading Dealing Room to direct banking with our award-winning internet and mobile site to U.S. banking services, and beyond. It’s all in one place and tailored to meet your needs

- Connecting Israel’s High-Tech Ecosystem: To thrive, startups need a strong network. Poalim Hi-Tech is here to make those connections, leveraging our powerful network to connect startups, leading investors & industry service providers

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