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When breaking news occurs, every news channel needs the best, most relevant experts on the topic without delay! At the same time, expert guests are looking for exposure. This is where we come in.

Current solutions include: emailing intros, internal-databases and personal references.




The solution addresses both the need of the experts for exposure as well as the broadcasters for a more diverse database.

Daifco is the ultimate, online, smart-automated-platform that matches news broadcasters with guest experts in real-time.

With a comprehensive database of experts, machine learning technology and AI, Daifco meets the needs of the 21st century news broadcasters 24/7 like never before.


Daifco’s Total Addressable Market for its initial mission of connecting Middle Eastern guest-experts with news channels in other regions is worth $4B, with a penetration rate of 2%. Daifco poses a precedent in the virgin Middle Eastern market, and drawing from a total market of $50B, we expect to change the way broadcasters and experts reach each other.



There are several solutions in this space such as MEI, Match Maker and Podchaser, however, none offer real-time, high quality experts at competitive rates. Like Airbnb, Daifco, offers reviews and qualifies its experts.


Daifco is currently raising $2M to launch its initial product. The company is led by Zada Haj, an industrial engineer who is strongly involved in the Arab innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem and has initiated and led several multinational projects.


Connecting Middle East based experts with news channels in other regions is one of the most critical challenges in news broadcasting today. As an Arab, Zada Haj, the CEO and Founder of Daifco is determined to bridge this gap. She sees this as both a multi-billion-dollar business opportunity as well as a personal mission to grow understanding and bridge gaps between the regions.


Daifco is a freemium product charging both a flat rate monthly fee from the broadcasters and a percentage from transactions from the guest-experts. Upgrade options are also offered to both sides for premium features.

Zada Haj - Founder and CEO of Daifco.JPG

Zada Haj

Founder and CEO



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