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Heavy operational load on independent hospitality property owners to be able to keep up in the highly competitive market:

High customer acquisition cost: dependent on major OTA’s (, airbnb) with 20% average cost to bring guests and very seasonal in terms of occupancy, low seasons occupancy are as low as 10-20%.

Maintaining high occupancy to reach breakeven: high fixed costs which are not covered unless very high occupancies are maintained all throughout the year

  • Limited resources:  not cost effective to deploy dedicated sales /marketing teams

  • Operational tensions:

    • Implementing revenue/ cost control strategies ​

    • Handling day to day hotel operations- cleaning,  check in/out , maintenance , customer service 

    • Managing bookings and sales 

  • Inefficient Human power: pilferage  is very common due to lack of system and process control ​

The constant heavy load requires a lot of effort and resources which makes it challenging to ensure that guests are constantly receiving a quality experience. 




Heavy operational load on independent hospitality property owners to be able to keep up in the highly competitive market:

Ahlan makes you feel lighter.

We build an end to end customer experience driven by technology operating under “ Ahlan” Brand:

  • A seamless experience right from receiving reservations to hosting to enhancing guest’s     

  • experience  with a strong technology foundation and a great customer experience.

  • Access to our all in one solution: unique technological answers to all operational needs.



Large untapped opportunities with local independent operators  (boutique hotels, family owned, and property managers) >40% of the market = >$12B


46% of global hotels : Independent/ alternative lodging at 9 million rooms =>$260B Middle East estimate by 2022 > $30B

  • April 2018: founded unbranded operations beginning with
    2 assets (5 rooms) in Nazareth, Israel


  • Summer 2019: operating under Ahlan brands total of 12 assets in 3 cities Israel, beginning of PMS and Direct website implementation (via 3rd party) 

  • Christmas 2019: Ahlan teams and partners operate relying  100% on tech infrastructure (eliminating up to 85% of the manual work)

  • March 2020: Beginning of corona, pivot to new revenue channels servicing new customers (quarantine, long stays, day office usage)

  • 2020 : Hybrid accelerator for targeting seed round fundraise 

  • 2021: complete implementation of ahlan branding and expand to new markets + CTO partner



Ahlan aims to penetrate the hospitality market by building  a 1 stop shop for independent hospitality asset owners.

Asking Seed budget for : 

Software product development: In house MVP + own website Finalize and implement branding

Penetrate new market for operations: UAE

In order to reach operations in >5 cities 
ith total rooms of >300.




Founder and CEO

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